Databsae for Translational Research
  Center for Information Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University has developpedā€œintegrated Clinical Omics Database (iCOD)" aiming to establish the basis of Omics-based Medicine and Systems Pathobiology.

We have launched this project since 2005 with the support of Japan Science and Technology Agency and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
In this iCOD, we have stored 525 patient case data of colon cancer, hepatic cellular carcinoma and oral tumor (in Japanese version). English version is available now, containing 140 patient cases of hepatic carcinoma.

We opened Japanese version in July 2008 and English version has been available since April 2009.

Downloading raw data
  We prepared the raw data download page for the person who wants to analyze them with his/her own tool.
2009/3/23 English site will be available in April 2009