BMC Genomics Last updated: 2010/Sep/06

iCOD : an integrated clinical omics database based on the systems-pathology view of disease

Kazuro Shimokawa*, Kaoru Mogushi, Satoshi Shoji, Atsuko Hiraishi, Hiroshi Mizushima*, Hiroshi Tanaka

This internet site contains following data.

Clinical & Pathological Table File - file patho_table.tar.gz (5.9KB)
Contains Clinical and Pathological data file.
These files can be easily open using Microsoft Excel (.txt file).

Gene Expression File (.CEL) - file icod_cel.tar.gz (598MB)
Contains All of the Case data used in this database.
Affymetrix raw expression data (.CEL file).

2D3L Map(local environment) - file (5.6MB)
We distributes 2D3L Map on the local web environment and source code.
You can download datas for display at the Clinical Omics Data Analysis -> 2D-3L Map ->"Displayed datas download"

Internet sites for Pathological DB Project
For iCOD Japanese Version (Account needed)
For Integrated Biomedical Database Japanese Version (Account needed)
For Database Center for Life Science

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